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Mystery Quilt Number 1

Part 1
This quilt is designed for the intermediate quilter but, I do encourage beginners to give it a try. It is much easier than it looks and, you will probably surprise yourself that you were able to make this quilt.

I decided to make a scrap quilt because, my scrap pile starts to lean to one side and I think soon will fall over!)...lol
The quilt uses lots of different size scraps but, if you don't want to use scraps, you can use some yardage that you haven't found a use for yet!
If you do the mystery, I would appreciate a photograh of the resulting top.

For this quilt you will need :
It is very important that your seam allowences are exactly 1/4" when making this quilt.
To test your accuracy:
  1. Take two 2" strips and sew them togther using 1/4" seam allowence;
  2. Press the seam open;
  3. Measure the width of your new strip: it should measure 3 1/2" wide;
  4. If it does not, try placing mole skin or several layers of tape 1/4" from your sewing machine needle, to use as a guide.
  5. Now repeat the test.
When your guide is properly placed and you are able to sew an exact 1/4" seam allowence, proceed with your work.
Please note that unless you have a 1/4" foot, using the edge of your presser foot as a guide will not result in an exact 1/4" seam.

Feel free to copy my color scheme and to pass these instructions to your friends or quilt groups but, leave my contact attached, in case they have questions. Please remember the follow:
  • - These quilt patterns can be given away but cannot be sold;
  • - You can use them fo a class or workshop;
  • - You can use them as a periodic handout;
  • - Permission must be requested to use the patterns in any way other as stated.
Let’s sew

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LearningByReading disse...

can tell you have put your heart and soul into this

Anabela disse...

You are right; the feeling is great to be able to share this!)

Anabela disse...
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Annette @LosingYourBelly disse...

Why does the 1/4 have to be so exact? I am new to quilting, doesn't it all just work out in the end result?