sábado, 6 de setembro de 2008

PIP Camp

On the 5th and 6th of September we had another two days camp.
This quilt top was made with old clothes from JoAnn's husband - recicle! After 3 attempts finally it was ready to pin it. Here is Ursula helping JoAnn.

Changing positions - me am JoAnn! I told JoAnn that she should write on each square where it came from. ehehe!

Here you can se how busy we all are!

And the table is set for lunch girls!

This is my christmas tree; I was able to finishd it and now is waiting to be quilted.

Irene is making this log cabin - I like the colors, so bright! And her next project is this beautiful doll.

Betty and Cathy are removing the papper - I hated this part!

And Ursula is helping Milly with her christmas tree.

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Karen disse...

Love your Christmas tree!

Anabela disse...

Thank you Karen