quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2009

New family member

Cats were always part of my life. When I got married my mum didn't let me bring my cat with me; his name was "Pequenino". Well, that was not supposed to be his name but we were not able to find him a home so, he stayed with us and we never changed the name. We already had two cats and a baby cat so, this one had to go away. My dadwasn't happy at all but in the end we had four cats!!! I miss him, he was so cute and so tender - for a male! So my DH offered me a cat when I was preagnent but seven years ago he died. I miss a cat in the house but DH says no!
Look at our new family member!!! Isn't he cute?

After a family reunion (me and the kids), we finally named him Indy - a tribute to Indiana Jones and because he loves my curtains! ahah
DH says he has to go - Who will win?!

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