segunda-feira, 6 de julho de 2009


To the Spring Blooms Mini quilt Swap I started these two houses - I just blocked and couldn't make up my mind each fabrics I would choose!! This is my first swap and don't know my partner, she is a complete stranger to me.

At this point the blue house is my favourite but, I will not give up on the red house.

Because I didn't give up on the red house, now is my favourite one and the blue house is appart; I'll finish it another time. I realyy couldn't make up my mind!eheh. Normally I am not that kind of person.

For the Pincushion Summer Swap I made this owl pincushion and this fabric postcard

I hated the green square fabric but but now I love this tote bag.
I don't know who said this but, now I agree with him/her: there's no ugly fabrics
This is my own pattern.

2 comentários:

em's scrapbag disse...

The red house really did turn out cute. Love the pin cushion owl.

Terrie Sandelin disse...

Oh, I love the way you framed the little red house -- just beautiful!