sexta-feira, 22 de maio de 2009

Aula de Patchwork

For this lady I have to make all the blocks on paper - yes, it's paper piecing - for her to sew them. I never made a rail fence so big on paper piecing!!
She says the other way is to complicated but I think this way is much more complicated and you have much more work (me and her) and, in the end you have to remove the paper.
What's going to be? Another pillow?!

In one of the classes I taught crazy patchwork - this is one of the quilts made by one of my students.
They really liked it.

Nélia, one of my students, is making the sandwich - the top was all sewn by hand and, she is going to quilt it by and too. I taught her how to and, made a design to guide her.

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