domingo, 10 de maio de 2009

Gatos, gatinhos, gatões - Kitties

All my life we had pets in the house especially cats. In the moment I only have a dog but cats are my favourite.
So here are some photos from the contest.

- We are playing the hidden; do you wanna join us ?

- I do not play silly games!

- Ohhh, I am soooo tireddd!!

- I am very very nervous, is there many people watching?

- Do you like my eyes?

- Hey, watch me dancing!! I am very good, right?! eheh.

- What is this? This smell is different...hum

- Lady, could you give me some privacy? There's no respect!!!

- Sorry, but I don't talk to strangers...

- Garfield?! Of course we are not relatives!! Oh dear, how could you think in such a nonsense!?!

- No! It's my lunch!

- My name is Snow White.
- And I am a tiiigerrrr!!! Graauuu! I'm ready to attack the evil mouse..(!

- No comments.

- Oh dear, I am so booooreed! ....sleeping...hum yeah(!

- Hi, how are you?

- We are
good friends - and in the winter he keeps me warm! ehehe.

- Come on! Some privacy please!!!!

- Champion. Champion is my familly name!

- Watch us singing, we are the best:
We are family,
I've got all my sisters with me.

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Those are so cute!