sábado, 16 de maio de 2009

Handmade gifts

For the Triangle Humbug Swap I made this bag and a pincushion to go with. I choosed purple because it's one of Annet's favourite colors.
I am so excited, this is my first swap!

The two sides of the pincushion.

It was so fun making this pincushion that I made more two; I don't like reds but this cherish red is very beautiful ...and sexy!ehehe

I bought this fabric to Vicky before she return to the States, I wish I could find more like this, it is beautiful.

I saw this pattern on a spanish magazine so, pick up my fat quarters, my fabric stash and start to work on it. As you can see I mixed diferent styles.

This is the final result!
Now I need to choose a fabric to the border and because I used so many different fabrics, this is gonna be a very dificult task.

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